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Landlords Insurance: Tips and Practical Advice for Landlords

As any landlord will attest, it is imperative that you seek out the best deal possible on your property in order to cover it against any eventuality. As a responsible landlord, you naturally want to ensure that your property is covered thus ensuring that your investment remains safe and that your tenants are protected. However, the cost of landlord insurance can be expensive, so it is always best to shop around for good deals.



Your Responsibilities as a Landlord

As a landlord, you need to protect your financial well-being against the risk of damage to your property. While your tenants may have the best intentions, accidents can occur within your property, so it is imperative that you are protected. What is more, it is vital that you have buildings and contents insurance cover so that, in the event of a storm, flood or other incident or accident, you won’t be left out of pocket. In short, you need to ensure that you are protected against all eventualities.

The Importance of Taking Out a Good Insurance Policy

Taking out a good insurance policy can save you money as a landlord. Discount landlord insurance does not mean that you have to cut corners and skimp on your property. In short, landlord insurance has the potential to save you a lot of money in the long term in the event of an incident taking place. Remember, you do not have to impart with a lot of cash when taking out your policy. Try and get the best deal possible.


Haggling is critical when seeking the services of a landlord insurance policy. Comparing insurance rates is equally as important. Weigh up your options and see what deal you can get from your insurance provider. Regardless of whether your property is rented out on a commercial or domestic basis, you can still get a great deal.

Take out Adequate Cover

You need to ensure that you have taken out the appropriate insurance in order to protect your assets. While saving money is imperative, you don’t want to skimp on your insurance premium and render yourself under-covered. Declare everything to your insurance company and be honest. You will only leave yourself uncovered if you do not.

Pay for Rental Guarantee and Legal Cover

If your tenant misses a payment or breaks the rules of their tenancy agreement, you could be left to pay the shortfall. This can be incredibly costly and can make a serious dent in your profit margins. While Rental Guarantee cover does not come as standard on most insurance policies, it is certainly worth paying out a premium for. Should you not want to be caught short by dodgy tenants, it is critical that you take out the premium. We hope that you never need to use it, but it is always best to be prepared. After all, you cannot put a price on peace of mind.

Renting out properties is a lucrative, and rewarding, career. Ensure that your business remains profitable with adequate landlords insurance. Cover yourself today.

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