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Streamline Your Hotel Management System


Running a hotel, it often seems as you need to be doing several things at once. In fact, you do, and that’s why it is important to keep everything firmly under control. There are so many different aspects to hotel management – from managing bookings to answering enquiries, through accounting and invoicing and marketing campaigns – that it is difficult for a small team to handle everything effectively, but we have a suggestion that may help. It’s called 365 Villas, and it’s a rental software package that is designed for vacation rental management, but is equally useful as a hotel management software solution.

What is so special about 365 Villas? Well, to begin with, it is already fully developed, and proven with many satisfied users, so you are assured of an efficient and effective solution without the usual drawbacks of teething problems and such. Also, it is extremely versatile, and can be used for just about every aspect of your day to day business operations, as well as reporting and more. In fact, 365 Villas can offer an automated reply service to enquiries, can be used for bookings, can keep your calendar up to date and much more.

What Else can 365 Villas Do?

365 Villas has been designed as the ultimate help in terms of keeping track of potential customers, so it can be used for effective marketing campaigns. It is also a full-scale reporting module, and you can use custom reports or design your own, so your team can keep on top of the likes of occupancy rates, enquiry to booking conversions and much more. It is a fully integrated solution that will make life a lot easier, and is one of the most comprehensive such systems you can buy.

365 Villas has been developed by Merchant Account Solutions, who are a leading name in the world of point of sale solutions and software packages such as this, and they have a reputation for excellent solutions and service. Indeed, they can supply you with hotel credit card readers so you can take payments quickly and easily, and with low transaction rates you will see that they are very competitive. You might also wish to check out there range of point of sale solutions, which are some of the most up to date in the business, so you can make sure you give your customers the best service every time.

Check Out Merchant Account Solutions

There are many reasons why you should pay a visit to as they can help you with many aspects of the hotel management business. You will find that talking to one of their friendly and helpful team will allow you to understand more about how they can improve your business, and they will be happy to answer any questions that you might have about 365 Villas and the other solutions and services on offer. Why not get in touch now, and start the ball rolling to streamline your hotel management solutions.

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