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The Lowdown on Drink Driving and Motor Insurance

Obtaining motor insurance after a drink-driving ban can be difficult. For many drivers, they feel that they have to pay excessive premiums. After all, you have been convicted and served your punishment. You should not have to face any further reprimands for your actions. Do not despair. You can still get insurance on your vehicle after a drink driving ban. You don’t have to spend a fortune either.

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Let’s take a look at some ways that you can do this.

The Lowdown on Drink Driving

Drink driving is an offence in the UK. It is that simple. If you have been behind the wheel when you have been drinking, you may be faced with a ban. In some circumstances, you may not be punished for being drunk while driving. Drink Driving Help UK can give you the skinny on this if you are awaiting trial for drink driving offences.

In short, if you have been caught drink driving and you have received a ban, you need not worry that you can no longer get insurance. There are ways that you can ensure that you have fully comprehensive insurance that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Insurance Matters

If you have been convicted of a drink driving offence, you will encounter higher premiums. If you are currently awaiting your court hearing, you don’t have to declare this at the present time. You should shop around for different insurance premiums. Do be aware that you may not be insured by some companies. Some insurance providers refuse to insure convicted drink drivers.  While this may sound disheartening, you need not despair. You can find insurance providers that will assist you.

Some insurance companies offer a specially designed policy. This is for those that have been convicted of driving under the influence. While this may still be expensive in comparison to other providers, it means that you can obtain insurance. After all, insurance is a legal requirement. You need to make sure that you undertake the Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course. This shows insurance companies that you are serious about driving legally.

One of the best things about this course is that it can reduce your premiums significantly. For those that have undertaken the rehabilitation course, you can have cheaper premiums. Typically, this is reduced by up to 20%. While the course itself may be tedious and expensive, it will ensure that you can obtain motoring insurance once more. It shows that you are serious and committed to driving.

Other Brilliant Ways to Make Your Insurance Cheaper After a Drink-Driving Ban

As a matter of urgency, you should seek out the Drink Driving Rehabilitation course. Once you have completed this, make sure that you seek out insurance online. You will find better deals. What is more, you should aim to have a higher voluntary excess. This is an excellent way to cut immediate costs. Another brilliant tip is only to have named drivers on your vehicle. This will make it cheaper rather than allowing anyone to drive your motor.

Be savvy and utilise these tips. You don’t have to worry about insurance in the aftermath of the ban.

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