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Travel Insurance Deals For Over 50s


Why Travel Insurance For Over 50s Is So Important

As you get older, you have more freedom and opportunity to travel than ever before. However, it’s also important to select the right kind of travel insurance, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

One of the benefits of getting older is that you have more freedom and financial security to plan your holidays wherever and whenever you want. Yet, according to Foreign Office research, many over 50s don’t bother to take out travel insurance. More alarmingly, a large majority of mature travellers with pre-existing medical conditions don’t have comprehensive travel insurance. The ‘I’ll be fine’ attitude, however could mean the difference between a holiday of a lifetime and a holiday from hell if you’re taken ill or injured while away.

Here are some of the reasons why adequate travel insurance should be an essential part of your trip, especially if you’re a mature traveller.

Short Breaks

Many travellers make the mistake of thinking they don’t need travel insurance for a short city break. EHIC cards are free and useful, however, it’s not ‘The NHS abroad’. Every European country has different healthcare systems and you may still need to pay for prescriptions and doctor’s fees, depending on the country. The EHIC doesn’t cover rescue services, repatriation or have a 24 hour medical emergency helpline. Even if you’re just popping over to Italy or France for a short break, you shouldn’t just rely on the EHIC card. Additional travel insurance not only covers medical conditions but also loss of personal possessions, airline failure and cancellations.


One reason many over 50s don’t bother with travel insurance is because they find that policies for older travellers are more expensive. The truth is that medical bills abroad can end up costing you thousands if you have no insurance cover. Costs for medical treatment associated with heart problems and strokes can cost up to £100,000 in the United States. Yet many older travellers go on holiday knowing that they suffer from high cholesterol or blood pressure.

The stress of being unwell during your holidays is bad enough without the added anxiety of paying thousands of pounds in medical bills or repatriation costs.

Avanti Travel Insurance has fair and competitive deals for over 50s and many pre-existing medical conditions can be covered at no extra cost.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Not only do many travellers with pre-existing medical conditions fail to take out travel insurance but those who do are tempted to keep quiet about pre-existing conditions, opting for cheaper insurance deals without realising that their claims may be invalid. Others who develop a medical condition fail to update their policies. Yet it’s travellers with pre-existing conditions who are more likely to make a claim.

Avanti’s over 50s travel insurance covers many pre-existing conditions at no extra cost. There are also specific policies for travellers of all ages with pre-existing conditions. By giving honest and accurate details about your health, your travel insurance provider can help you find the right policy for you.

The Foreign Office

Although the FCO consulate can help with replacement travel documents, doctor lists and contacting family back home, they cannot organise repatriation or other travel arrangements for you, pay your medical bills, issue you with money or find you better treatment.

The cost of comprehensive travel insurance is a small price to pay for peace of mind while you’re travelling and could end up saving you thousands should you be taken ill while abroad. Don’t risk being without.

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