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Unsung Heroes – Skype

In the new Hiscox campaign they talk about unsung heroes of people’s working lives, which got me thinking about my own unsung heroes.  I think the one I couldn’t live without the most in my line of work is Skype.

Before Skype came along it could be quite expensive and time consuming trying to contact international clients or even clients/colleagues in the same country but a different office.  With Skype though cost is cut down dramatically, it is even free if you are contacting another Skype user.

There is also the fact the majority of people in an office will have their own Skype account, which means when I want to contact someone in particular I can do so directly without having to go through various extensions and switchboards.  This just makes my working day that little bit less stressful.

It is also hard to escape the fact that a busy office can be a dreadfully loud and noisy place at times.  This can be a real distraction if you are on a really important sales call or discussing a customer’s problems and you can hardly hear what they are saying.  Because Skype is run through your computer, you can have the benefit of wearing a headset which cuts out all the background noise and then you and the person you are talking to are able to concentrate better on the conversation.

Even when I am dealing with clients or customers who can’t answer their phone, I can still deal with whatever orders, issues or questions they have through the instant message side of Skype.

I really do not know what I would do without Skype these days.  I mean, we did use to survive in office environments without it, but once you have used it and experienced the benefits – you’d never want to give it up

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