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What To Look For In An Ideal Rental Property For You And Your Family

Property rental is the choice of many families these days, and it is set to increase in the future. Some people rent because they cannot afford to buy a home of their own. Over the last five years, prices have gone through the roof and moved out of people’s reach. Others might find themselves in a rented house because they fell behind with the mortgage payments on their home and lost it. We shouldn’t forget those who rent by choice. The thought of being responsible for the upkeep of a property fills them with dread; as does the knowledge that they cannot move to a new home easily if they own one.

Whatever the reason you want to rent, here is what to look for in an ideal rental property for you and your family.

The Area

Whether you are buying or renting, you must like the location of the property. If you have children, you must consider how far away it is to the nearest school, and if there are adequate transport links to them. Not everybody owns a car these days. The new homes to let in Erdington are in high demand, which is a testament to how desirable it is to live there. The shops, post office, library, and other amenities that you use should all be within reach.


I’m sure your children would love to have a bedroom each if it were possible. Try not to look at a house through rose-colored glasses. Remind yourself that it must be practical more than beautiful. An extra bedroom is worth more than a double garage if you have a large family.


The cost is an issue. Before you can move in, you will have to pay at least one month’s rent in advance and a deposit that may equal it. You will get the deposit back when you leave, but it is a substantial outlay. The monthly rent should not stretch your finances either. If there is a blip in your income, you will fall behind with the rent quickly, and that is not good. Make sure you can afford to live there comfortably.

The Energy Performance Score

In the UK, the landlord must provide an energy performance certificate which will indicate how efficient the building is. The higher its efficiency, the lower the running costs; it is as simple as that. You might have to spend a lot of money on energy to keep the building warm in the winter if it has a low score; are you prepared to do so? You could point that out to them so they can take measures to improve the score as a condition before you sign a lease. The improvements, such as loft insulation, may be cheap. On the other hand, they could invest in the property and fit new uPVC windows and doors with double glazing; the choice is theirs.

As more people move into the property business and become landlords, the choice of home will increase. That is beneficial for everyone. Most use letting agents too. You can be sure that you will be treated with professionalism and respect when you are a tenant. Renting is an attractive option these days; I hope you find the ideal place.



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