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Why Compare Caravan Insurance?



It can sometimes be a painful jolt to realise that, without knowing, we’ve slipped into something of a rut.

That can happen in almost any area of life and caravan insurance is no exception.

What’s wrong with the familiar?

Perhaps you’ve had the same policy for many years. There’s a powerful inclination in such situations to take the path of least resistance – i.e. “do nothing”.

It’s possible to console yourself with thoughts such as “if it ain’t broke then don’t try and fix it” and the comfort of the familiar isn’t something to be lightly dismissed.

A variation on this theme can arise when we’re looking for caravan insurance for the first time. There will be plenty of siren voices telling you that the cover is all pretty much the same and that there’s no point in really trying to compare caravan insurance – apart perhaps from the ticket price.

The reality

All the above sentiments are attractive. They’re also completely wrong.

The first point to try and get across is that it is worth trying to compare caravan insurance because policies do differ and sometimes by a lot. To consider just a very few examples:

  • some policies might include EU caravanning cover as standard whereas for others it’ll be an optional extra;
  • you might find awnings cover is included (albeit perhaps with conditions) whereas it would be positively excluded under other policies;
  • your contents cover might be very limitedin some cases whereas far more comprehensive in others;
  • one policy might prohibit anything other than hard-standing parking but some might be less proscriptive;
  • it might be the case that you’re obliged to install security systems under some policy conditions whereas others will be silent on the subject;
  • some providers might prohibit parking your caravan on your driveway or the public road when not in use, requiring it to be garaged. You might find another policy that makes no such stipulation.

It would be possible to go on for some time on this but that would be labouring the point. From this though, it’s clear that policies just aren’t all the same and that some may be far more suitable for your unique situation than others.


This inevitably brings the subject to pricing because that’s one area almost everyone believes is worth checking when looking to compare caravan insurance.

In one sense, it’s easy. Policy “A” is cheaper than policy “B”. However, unless you have more thoroughly compared the caravan insurance policies concerned, that price difference might be deeply and dangerously misleading.

Let’s consider a hypothetical situation where you’ve found the cheapest caravan insurance policy around. Then, while you’re out, your caravan is broken into and vandalised while parked on your driveway.

Will that really be when you’d wish to discover, for the first time, that the “cheap” policy only covered unhitched caravans at home if they were securely garaged?

It’s a crude illustration but it indicates why something that may be cheap for someone else, in this case with a garage, might not be suitable for you if you don’t have one. The only way you’ll spot such issues before a crisis arises will be if you make the effort to compare caravan insurance.

Existing policies

In conclusion, this isn’t just a new policyholder issue either!

Don’t forget that the market changes by the day and it’s important to make sure that things haven’t moved on since you selected your existing policy. It may be that there are more cost-effective solutions out there or simply policies that offer a better fit to your requirements than was the case when you purchased your existing policy all those years ago.

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